Premade Covers

How many times have you heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? While that saying is a good analogy for people, many avid readers agree it doesn’t truly apply to books. We’ve heard countless people say they passed over a book because the cover was unattractive or looked unprofessional or sloppy, and they worried the cover would reflect the contents of the books. 

You only have a moment to catch a reader’s attention with your cover, so you want something eye catching and professional.

That’s where we come in. With twelve years experience in graphic design and five years in cover design, we know you need a unique, high-quality cover to catch a reader’s eye. Let us help you draw in readers with a beautiful cover. As fellow authors, we know how much work goes into writing and polishing a novel. Let us give you the cover you deserve, something that suits your novel and will do justice to your hard work.

Sunrise Author Services is committed to helping you succeed. Our services don't end when you receive your cover. Let us know when you're having your official cover reveal - hosted by a blog tour company or put together yourself - and we'll be happy to share it on our social media sites. Once your cover has been revealed, we'll include it on our Cover Gallery page, as well as in a blog post and our newsletter, all with a link to where the book can be purchased (or a link to your GoodReads, website, or social media site of your choice).   

Visit our portfolio to see the covers we’ve designed over the last five years, and visit our testimonials to see what people have said about working with us.   


Ready to purchase a premade cover from Sunrise Author Services? Here's how it works:

     1. Once you’ve found the cover you think would be perfect for your book (or is close to perfect - we're more than happy to make some adjustments), fill out this form. Be sure to notice the temporary name of the cover before you fill out the form!
  2. We’ll email you as quickly as possible (generally within 1-2 days) to let you know we received your information. If the changes you want are straightforward (as in simply personalizing the title and author name), we'll get to work immediately. If your cover requires more complex changes, we’ll send you mock-ups including the requested changes and work with you until you're satisfied. At this point, we’ll remove the cover from our selection of premade covers. There are no duplicate covers on our site - once you’ve purchased a cover, no one else can purchase the same one.

     3. Once the cover is completed (typically 2-4 days), we’ll send you a watermarked version for your approval. We’ll work with you until you’re 100% satisfied with the cover.

When you’ve given your approval for the final cover, we’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. Once payment has been received, we’ll send you the final 1500 x 2000 cover, as well as any other sizes you require.

Things to note:

  • All covers are ebook covers only. Full wrap-around covers for print are coming soon.
  • Covers are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All prices are USD.
Have a question? Don't hesitate to email us!

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  Blue Sunlight $35 ----------------- Blue Beach $35

Plaid and Stripes $35 ----------------- White and Blue Kiss $35

Tropical Love $40 ----------------- White Sheets Blue Polish $35

Walking in Sunshine $35 ----------------- Hold On $35

Country Couple $35 ----------------- Plaid Love $35

Ocean Kiss $35

Lovers Talk $35 ----------------- Sexy Beach Kiss $35

 Sweet Desire $35 ----------------- Nude Lace $35

Naked Kiss $35 ----------------- Sexy Teal $35

Beautiful Blue $35 ----------------- Woman in White $35

Sparkler $30 ----------------- Pearls $35

Elegant Lady $35 ----------------- Lounge $35

Cool Green $35 ----------------- Sunglasses and Hoodie $35

Graveyard Witch $40 ----------------- Church Graveyard $30